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Waterproof Patch Cord Pigtail

Grey Drop Cable with Mini SC Connector

Mini SC Connector pre-terminated outdoor flat drop cable and round drop cable provide easy FTTx (Fiber-To-The-X) installation and termination using existing hardware and installation methods for drops to homes and businesses. Its flat profile is compatible with existing wedge (P) clamps.The Ruggedized Connector, an outside plant Mini SC, is compatible with industry standard OSP terminals.
    Provides superior weather resistance for FTTA and other outdoor applications.
    Allows flexibility to use factory terminated assemblies or pre-terminated or field installed assemblies.
    Suitable for FTTA and outdoor temperature extremes Ensures functionality in harsh weather environments.
    Can be installs without special tooling.
    Threaded style coupling.
    Provides bend protection for installation and long term use.
    Faster network roll out and customer installations.
    100% tested assemblies built in a controlled environment.
    Lower cost deployment by utilizing plug and play solutions.
    Custom built solutions with quick turnaround times.

    Fiber optic communications in harsh outdoor environments.
    Outdoor communication equipment connection. 
    Waterproof Fiber Equipment. 
    Remote wireless Base Station.
    FTTx ISP Project.

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